A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Bantu Knots

Two-Strand Twist

Whirling each segment into a Bantu bunch is a famous strategy. In any case, I like to two-strand turn, then, at that point wind my curve into a bunch. This technique holds my hair back from getting tangled, which happened to me on my first attempt with this style. I free-part as I go through every one of my four segments. Now and again I end up with eight bunches, however, there are additional times when I end up with additional. I check dependent on how my style begins to change in the mirror—each time is unique.

At the point when two-strand contorting, the tighter the curve, the better. Remember, a tight contort doesn’t mean pressure—it’s a fragile equilibrium. Hairdresser Ro Morgan spreads it out for us: “to get smooth, smooth Bantu Knots, without adding a lot of pressure to your hair and scalp, I propose utilizing the Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard and not winding too firmly.” Like the Design Essentials custard, Morgan likewise suggests my fave, Miss Jessie’s Honey Curls, for its custard-like base.

She proceeds, “Attempt to try not to over-control your hair by not re-bending every day.” I am liable for this, however, I do find that when I use custard or gel, my bunches stay set up even as the night progressed, as long as I wrap my hair with a silk scarf. Morgan recommended an extra supportive tip: secure each bunch with a Blend Rite Toy Pin around evening time.


Enveloping your Bantu bunch in a way that works for your hair thickness and length takes somewhat experimentation. To make my bunch, I utilize my right hand to wrap and my left hand to hold my bunch’s base. When the bunch is completely folded over, I fold it with my fingernail or the tip of my rodent tail brush (and, as Morgan proposed, you can secure the bunch with a bobby pin before bed). Keep doing this in each part you’ve made around your head, and you’re good to go.

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