Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos Recipe


At whatever point I fry yams in the skillet, I feel like I generally get the circumstance or potentially temperature off, consuming them (or different veggies I’m cooking it with) before their delicate right through. If that is beginning to occur and they’re sautéed as you like, yet not cooked through, I just put them in a microwave-safe bowl and warm up a little while in the microwave. Go ahead and make this with white potatoes as well!

I like to utilize sharp cheddar to make these yam breakfast burritos, yet go ahead and use goat cheddar, feta, cotija, or a dairy-free cheddar, as Violife or Chao.

If you like, you can utilize a disintegrated hotdog (mmm chorizo!) rather than bacon. For that, I would cook a similar way you would with the bacon.

Contingent upon the size of your tortillas, you may require pretty much filling. Go ahead and change the number of eggs or how many potatoes you’re utilizing. At the point when I made this, I had some extra singed yam, which I utilized on a fast side plate of mixed greens the following day.

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