natural hair is better

Blake Newby

“I’ve never perceived the idea that Black ladies’ hair doesn’t develop. ‘Are these augmentations? It’s simply so full.’ I’ve seen individuals dissect my braids in stun that a lady of shading can have hair that has length, yet in addition high thickness. Hair like mine isn’t an extraordinariness and as more ladies of shading keep on putting accentuation on solid hair, it’s turning into the standard.” — Blake Newby

Aasha Benton

“At a nail shop in Richmond, I got inquired as to whether my hair was genuine, and I concluded I was simply going to lie pretty much the entirety of the inquiries. I had long box interlaces. She inquired as to whether my hair was genuine, and I said yes. She asked what amount of time is required, and I said eight hours. And afterward, she asked the amount it cost, and I said 30 dollars. They began going nuts and kept on offering remarks about my hair. From the outset, it was only interesting to make up a story, yet when they continued discussing it with one another during my pedicure, it was abnormal. It caused me to feel like I was in plain view.” — Aasha Benton

Lauriel Cleveland

“At the point when I was lesser in school, I shaved my hair off; and during the time spent endeavoring to develop it back, I got fake locs. The locs were long and hefty. I worked in an authoritative office for my college, and my supervisor had never seen my hair plaited. She continued to inquire as to whether I washed up consistently because she didn’t see how I could get wet if I had such a lot of hair on top of my head. I needed to clarify that I utilized shower covers to keep up my hair and not get the interlaces wet. It was an extremely belittling second, and it occurred before different understudies that worked in the workplace. That is only one of the numerous occasions where my regular haircuts have been disparaged by non-Black ladies.” — Lauriel Cleveland

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