Is the Casein in A2 Milk Healthier?

This is the reason cow-like casomorphins have been classified as “Satan in the milk,” however would they say they are shaped from all cow’s milk? What might be said about “A2” milk? The A2 Corporation brings up there are various variations of casein: Some cows produce milk with a sort of casein named A1, while different cows produce milk with A2 casein. A2 contrasts from A1 by just a single amino corrosive, yet one that is deliberately found to such an extent that A1 casein separates into casomorphin, which behaves like morphine and is “involved in the stomach related invulnerable and mental health changes.” Supposedly, A2 milk doesn’t do likewise. As you can see at 6:18 in my video, on the off chance that you put A1 milk in a test tube for certain stomach-related proteins, the A1 casein separates into casomorphin. Yet, in light of that one amino corrosive contrast, the A2 casein separates at an alternate spot, and no casomorphin is shaped.

That review, in any case, utilized stomach-related chemicals from pigs or cows, which are less expensive and simpler to purchase for research facility tests. Human stomach-related juices are extraordinary, so what occurs in a pig’s stomach or a cow’s stomach may not be what occurs in the human stomach-related lot.

When the A1 versus A2 breakdown test was at last performed with human chemicals, what was found? Human stomach and intestinal juices were gathered, and Satan was found in both. The narcotic casomorphin was delivered from both A1 milk and A2 milk. Along these lines, A2 milk might be better for pigs or cows, yet not really for people.

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