10 Tips to Manage Anxiety

Dissect and fill into it

Assign yourself a system-you. Yes, sit and mull over what actually triggers off that helpless performance of you. It isn’t the situation that has been shocking the hell out of you but rather the fear of being intimately fouled and outraged. Possibly it’s the stuttering that has run a great impediment in your social life. There’s no shame in seeking help from a speech therapist, after all, it’s you who has to bear the griefs otherwise.

Count on sleep

No matter how progressive you are, there can not be a pitfall when it comes to having a good quality sleep. It’s sheer common sense that a lack of sleep would make you sluggish and tired throughout the following day. It would affect your work performance and that becomes one of the reasons for being anxious and nervous for the fear of objurgation on reduced work performance. It’s a like clear equation that we’ve presented.

Maintain a journal

Go between what you have been going through by writing it down. Be clear enough in your expressions. Perform this conditioning before going to bed every night. Doing so you would be piecemeal detaching from yourself all the fear and pressure that you had been carrying. You can come back and read through those couriers after months. That would make you realize that you did unburden yourself of major weight.

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