How Do I Know if Someone Has Unauthorized Access To my Wi-Fi Connection?


How do I know if someone is stealing my Wi-Fi connection?

One of the biggest advantages that the wireless connection brings to its users is the possibility of accessing the internet anywhere (malls, cafes, shops, markets etc.) without having the need for connect cables. The result is easier access to information and increased mobility for everyone.

After the dawn of the wireless connection, however, it didn’t take long before most devices started supporting Wi-Fi. This has ended up creating amongst users the need to have a wireless router at home.

The problem is this: just as you can connect to wireless networks in a mall, for example, it could be that your neighbors are also connecting to your network, “stealing” your bandwidth or accessing your folders and files.

How do you find out if someone is using your internet without your permission? Below you will find some tips and solutions to avoid letting any Wi-Fi “hackers” interfere with your internet browsing and compromise your security.

1Router lights

How do I know if someone is stealing my Wi-Fi connection?

Although this is not an accurate or even recommended method, it could be useful for a first diagnosis, quickly indicating if someone is stealing your internet. It basically consists of analyzing the router’s lights.

Usually these devices have lights that indicate the traffic through the network. These lights blink according to the amount of data the router is transferring. To use this method you must turn off every single wireless device in the house and check if the traffic light continues to flash.

If the LED indicator blinks frantically even with all devices with wireless connection turned off, there is a good chance that someone is using your internet. However, before taking any drastic measures use one of the following methods presented in this article just to be sure.

List of Apparatuses

The router settings center can be very useful to check if you have any unauthorized devices connected to your network. The IP address for center settings’ access is different for each type of router. One way to find out the IP access is by using the command prompt.

Press the shortcut “Win + R” and in the screen that appears, type “cmd”. Now, at the command line, type “ipconfig” and look for the “Default Gateway” line. Usually the IP listed on this line is the one that gives access to the router’s settings.

How do I know if someone is stealing my Wi-Fi connection?

Once you have the IP address enter in the address bar, of your browser, the username and password to access the router and wait for the configuration screen to load.

Once again, all routers are different so in each manufacturer and model the list of connected devices is found in a different place. However, companies follow a naming pattern. Therefore, to find the list of recognized devices on the network, look for options such as “Device List”, “Attached Devices” or “My Network”.

How do I know if someone is stealing my Wi-Fi connection?